What is Graviola and how is it used?

Everything you need to know about how graviola prevents and cures cancer

We could consider cancer as the biggest epidemic of the 21st century. We all know several people from our closest environment who suffer or have suffered from this disease; Sometimes it’s our turn … We can do a lot to help heal from this disease, and most important, to prevent it. The components that nature gives us are a gift that we can’t ignore. Several studies are demonstrating how this medicinal plant can be used as a natural supplement to help prevent or heal cancer.

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What is Graviola?

This natural remedy, whose scientific name is annona muricata, is a tree found in the rainforests of Central and South America. It gives a fruit also known as catuche, soursop, corossol, stachelannone, sinini, guanaba, Brazilian papaya or guanabana that is green and spiny, whose pulp recalls the flavor of strawberry and pineapple and in appearance when opened reminiscent of cherimoya .

The guanabana, as well as the bark, roots and leaves are used since ancient times as a natural medicine by Native Americans, from Brazil, Peru to Mexico. The West, both the United States and Europe, has recently begun to realize its incredible anti-tumor benefits to treat and prevent cancer in this article, as well as other ailments. We will answer all your doubts and created a brief summary of what you are missing in case you are not considering this peculiar fruit. Shall we start?

The Properties of the Graviola

As we are talking about, this fruit in particular and all the elements of the graviola annona muricata tree (fruit, leaves, bark, roots, herbs) have a number of benefits not negligible, from removing lice with an infusion prepared with leaves, help to remove diarrhea, parasites, etc. We will list and give you information about some of the most important and essential benefits of these medicinal plants that can help you, of graviola healing properties, and graviola medicinal properties, are you ready?:


We know you’ve heard this word countless times, only to see in the news, shortly after, a headline referring to the scam around that anticancer drug that they sold as if it were miraculous or alternative therapy; or some study that is not conclusive regarding the antitumor power of this or another natural element.

Well, this is not the case. There are numerous studies that verify the benefits of this plant to prevent and help (along with the treatment prescripted by specialists) to cure cancer. This fruit blocks Carcinogenic cells from reproducing and reduce the size of the tumors by its acetogenins. Annona muricata acts on different types of cancer


Antioxidant properties

The medicinal properties of this plant (the guanaba, another of its multiple names) do not limit to cancer. It has also proved to be an excellent antioxidant, especially in Coenzyme Q10. To not get you bored, just keep in mind that this Coenzyme increases vitality and energy and helps promote the function of the muscles and heart, taking a daily dose brings this property to our body.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Its anti-inflammatory properties make it an excellent complement to relieve certain types of pain.

Lowers sugar levels

With the current revolution against sugar, the proliferation of cases of type 2 diabetes (the one that is acquired) and the cases of childhood obesity that we see everyday, we could not ignore this remedy.

It is being demonstrated that its consumption helps lower blood sugar levels, regulating glucose levels and thus giving a better life level to people with sugar problems.

Blood pressure

Natural plants are proving to be a very suitable treatment to regulate and lower blood pressure, and yes, the plant we’re talking about is highly recommended to treat hypertension. Please consider that currently deaths due to heart attacks are increasing in our country. It can’t hurt to take these supplements of natural origin that will help you reduce blood pressure, especially if you suffer from this type of problems.

Prevents ulcers

Another of the epidemics nowaday are ulcers. Due to the stressful life that we lead, it is becoming a common ailment. The benefits of soursop are also used to prevent them, as it helps to protect the mucous coating of the stomach.


The fruit of the Annona Muricata, and the leaves of its tree have also been traditionally used to treat many infections such as this annoying (and unsightly, let’s face it) skin infection that also causes much pain to those who suffer from it.


Taking soursop, -liquid extract of graviola-, is very beneficial for people suffering from fibromyalgia. Recent studies published by the University of Seville demonstrate this and it is great news for a group of chronically ill people who suffer this terrible ailment in silence. .

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Types of cancer

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Types of cancer

Types of cancer

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How is it taken?

It is rather simple but how do you consume it in a fast and easy way?

As we have said before, almost everything from the tree is useful. Let’s review very briefly how to take your fruit and leaves so you can add it to your daily diet:



  • The leaves are usually taken as an infusion and are very healthy. It’s as simple as putting them in water and bringing them to a boiling point; after this, set aside at least for 5 minutes. You can take it as a hot drink or let it cool and take it throughout the day. Simple and healthy!


  • If you don’t feel like eating it whole, prepare a delicious juice. It is very simple and you can consume this beneficial fruit on a daily basis.

Side Effects

The most incredible effect we find when taking soursop is its ability to “eat tumors”, to “eat cancer cells”. Studies are proving that it is a potent anticancer, it is even more potent than many medications that oncologists prescribe to their patients, in addition to helping to prevent different types of melanoma.

It is also important to note that taking doses regularly will help your intestinal health, since it prevents parasites and helps to cure diarrhea. And on the other hand, it is an incredible source of vitamin C, which helps strengthen your immune system and prevent infections.

All these benefits help keep you in good health and prepared to face your day to day, the contraindications and the main side effect?

Feeling good.

And you will be achieving that with medicinal plants, with a great natural product, which has been used for hundreds of years and which is now being tested on studies that certify its health benefits.

Buying Graviola and its presentations

Graviola Fruit

  • If you love the fruit, this will be your best option, being a tropical fruit (its cultivated in Peru, Colombia, etc) sometimes it is difficult to find it in the Spanish market. You can eat it directly or you can prepare juices. Besides, its flavor has a curious taste to pineapple and strawberry… you have to try it!

Graviola capsules, pills or powder

  • If you want to enjoy all the benefits of this fruit, but you don’t want to prepare juices, infusions and you are not crazy about the fruit, taking it as capsules or pills (tablets) is your best option. You must consider how the pills are taken and the dosage.

Graviola liquid format

  • You can also choose this format, which is easy to drink and doesn’t require preparation. It is advised to take it in the morning on an empty stomach and it serves as a dietary supplement; it is the most complete and recommended and it is easily found in Spain.

Graviola juice

  • Another very simple option is to buy juice concentrate. The best thing about this option is that you can mix some of this juice with the one you drink every morning as usual. This way you will be giving your body all the benefits of this natural plant without even noticing it.

Graviola tea

  • If you enjoy teas, this one is your version. Whether you buy the leaves and prepare it yourself; or you buy the ready-to-make tea, you will enjoy a cup of hot tea that is healthy and beneficial to your body and your daily wellbeing and beauty.

Ultimately, simply adding it -in any of its multiple formats- to our weekly shopping basket will be something of little cost but great benefits. We recommend taking 40 mg of dried extract from the ozonized graviola (Graviola Prozono), do not buy if from Amazon since that platform doesn’t ship this products. After all we won’t lose anything by trying to see how this beneficial fruit will help us improve our health. Will you try it?

What is Soursop or Annona muricata?

We have heard a lot about this plant and its multiple healing properties. Being a tree that grows in the tropical countries of Central and South America, its fruit is commonly included in the diets of the Latin families, who consume it whole or liquefy it to digest it as juice. Although we know it is healthy, most of the population does not really know what are the properties that make this fruit a true miracle of nature.

Before talking about its chemical components, it is necessary to know where this tropical delicacy comes from. The Annona muricata is a 5 to 7 meter high tree that, although it grows in the tropical countries of South America and Central America, its true origin is unknown. This tree produces a fruit commonly known as “soursop” which is highly praised by the natives who cultivate it for its healing properties, which is why it is included as a dessert or juice in their diets. Different properties are attributed depending on the part of the tree used: stem, leaves, flowers, seeds, roots, or the fruit itself.

Also, it has interesting properties at a nutritional level, especially as a strong source of vitamin C, although it is also rich in vitamins of the B family, such as vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6. In addition, its contribution in minerals such as potassium is generous.

It has multiple healing properties and for that reason it is called “the miraculous fruit” in many Latin American countries. The chemical composition of this delicious fruit covers a wide range of conditions according to its different properties:

Antiparasitic properties:

Soursop is used to treat parasitosis. The parasitosis are infectious diseases produced by living beings, the parasites. They can be found in the human digestive system. They are common throughout the world and although they affect all ages, children have a greater risk at getting them.

Antimicrobial properties:

It fights microorganisms and inhibits their growth, such as bacteria, fungi, parasites.

Antispasmodic properties:

In this case, it is used as a drug (medicine) to help fight contractures, cramps and seizures in the body.

Antirheumatic properties:

These serve to help heal the joints, bones, cartilage, muscles, ligaments and connective tissue.

Cytotoxic properties:

Cytotoxicity is the ability of some cells to interact with altered cells and destroy them. This is why it is considered anticancer and antitumor agents. According to multiple studies, these have the ability to destroy only damaged cells, unlike chemotherapy, which indiscriminately destroys both good and affected cells.

Medical professionals have used extracts of bark, leaf and fruit for a long time to treat their patients of all kinds. The latest studies indicate that its chemical composition not only serves to treat endless diseases, but also has great anticarcinogenic properties.

Hopes and expectations are gradually increasing regarding the solution to this global problem known as cancer. This tree has been the object of study on many medical investigations and all indicate that here could be the key to healing due to its indisputable and multiple healing properties.

The National Cancer Institute, in 1976, pointed out that the leaves of this tree are composed of a chemical called acetononine amonaceus (acetogenins), which contains high anticancer properties. This chemical compound makes the leaves 10,000 times more toxic to cancer cells, (even more lethal than “adriamycin” itself, a drug widely used in chemotherapy treatments).

The difference between chemotherapy and natural medicine is that the first one deliberately and indiscriminately attacks all the cells, destroying both the damaged ones and the good ones. Instead, soursop, only destroys cancer cells. By only destroying the affected cells, the dreaded side effects of chemical treatments such as nausea and hair loss are omitted.

Multiple studies have been carried out to demonstrate the anticancer benefits. The most recent of these was carried out in 2012, and was published in Cancer Letter, where it was stated that the cytotoxic properties of this plant are highly beneficial for pancreatic cancer, one of the most complicated to treat.

Said study was conducted by a research group from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. And according to the research, it would be able to kill the cancer cells of the plasma thanks to the inhibition of cellular metabolism. That is, it would alter the metabolism of the cells, preventing the signals between them from reaching a good end, thus preventing their growth, production, lifespan and even the spread of cancer (the well-known metastasis).

In 2011 another study was published in Nutrition and Cancer where scientists showed that it could also reduce the growth of breast cancer without affecting healthy tissue, unlike chemotherapy. The study was conducted using mice that took 200 mg of extract from this plant for each kilogram of food consumed in their diet, for a period of five weeks. Once this period was over, a reduction in the expression of a breast tumor protein could be observed, which led to a range of reduction of tumor growth to 32%

It is also a high-end antimicrobial agent, it lowers high blood pressure, and it’s used for depression, stress and nervous disorders. It is widely used in traditional medicine for its tranquilizer and sedative agents. The extracts have three chemical compounds called alkaloids (anonaine, nuciferin and assylobin) that in practice have been able to inhibit the binding of [3H]rauwolscine (a stimulant of the nervous system and the T-HTergit and 5-HT1A receptors, which are in charge of controlling blood pressure and heart rate. This implies that annona muricata fruit has antidepressant effects.


Ioannis, P; Anastasis, S. y Andreas, Y. (2015) Graviola: A Systematic Review on Its Anticancer Properties.


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