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Types of cancer

Does Graviola work with all types of tumors?

Although the behavior of cancer cells and their respective treatment throughout the body are similar, there actually are differences depending on the type of cancer.

Considering this, and for your peace of mind, I’ll explain to you how the Soursop (Annona muricata or Graviola) works for different types of cancer.

Found in the fruit, leaves, bark, seeds and roots of Annona muricata, there over 100 Acetogenins from Annonaceae.

And this is the active ingredient with anticancer properties as demonstrated by several studies.

That is why it’s normal that you find articles on the internet saying that it does not cure cancer; the are referring to the fruit. However, studies and scientific articles carried out by different universities around the world talk about the powerful active ingredient extracted from these plants.

Not all of these extracts are equally effective for health; among the most effective -according to experts in biomedicine is the Ozonized Graviola or Graviola O3 (Graviola Prozono). This supplement is an extract of Annona muricata that in addition to attacking tumor cells, provides oxygen and helps fight cancer.

According to the type of tumor:

Graviola and Breast Cancer

There are studies that prove that this extract manages to destroy some chemotherapy-resistant breast cancer cells.

This 2018 study found that the extract from the leaves of the soursop tree had an anticancer effect on the breast cancer cell line. The researches called it “FUTURE PROMISE” for breast cancer treatment. They also added that the potency and anticancer activity of this plant can vary depending on the cultivation area (it is a tropical plant original from America and it is not the same for it to be planted in Mexico than it being planted in Peru or in another continent, such as the plantations there are in China or recently in the south of Spain). For this reason, the use of ozonated graviola extract is recommended over using just the plain fruit. We recommend taking “Graviola Prozono”

Pancreatic cancer

In 2012, researches from the internal department of the Medical University of Nebraska used the extract on cancer cells. They discovered that it inhibited tumor growth and metastasis in pancreatic cancer. We recommend taking “Graviola Prozono”

Prostate cancer

Graviola extract reduces the progress of tumors in prostate cancer.

This was demonstrated by studies carried out by Dr. K Patel with this plant’s extract, which was found to reduce the size of the prostate tumor. We recommend taking “Graviola Prozono”

Colon cancer

This research proves a significant inhibition in colon cancer cells.

In 2018, in a scientific study conducted by a Pharmacy and Medicine University in Indonesia, extract against colon cancer cells was used.. The researchers concluded that the active ingredient in this fruit had an anticarcinogenic effect. We recommend taking “Graviola Prozono”

Liver cancer

There are lab studies suggesting that the Annona muricata extract destroys some types of cells that have resisted chemotherapy in the liver cancer treatment in humans. We recommend taking “Graviola Prozono”

Lung cancer

If you are interested in learning more about the implementation as a complementary treatment to lung cancer, you came to the right place! We recommend taking “Graviola Prozono”

Please note that the extract should not in any case replace the treatment recommended by your oncologist. It should always be considered as a complementary treatment, with no contraindications or adverse effects to the chemotherapy, radiotherapy or other options.

We recommend taking “Graviola Prozono”

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