Buying Graviola

How to consume graviola in a fast and simple way

As we have established before, practically everything from this tree is useful. Let’s review very briefly how to take its fruit and leaves so you can add them to your daily diet:


  • The leaves are usually taken as an infusion. It’s as simple as putting them in water and bringing them to a boiling point; after this, set aside at least for 5 minutes. You can take it as a hot drink or let it cool and take it throughout the day. Simple and healthy!


  • If you don’t like to eat it whole, prepare a yummy juice. It is very easy and you can consume this beneficial fruit on a daily basis.

Formats to buy graviola


If you love the fruit, this will be your best option. You can eat it directly or you can prepare juices. Besides, its flavor has a curious taste to pineapple and strawberry… you have to try it!

Capsules or pills

If you want to enjoy all the benefits of this fruit, but you don’t want to prepare juices, infusions and you are not crazy about the fruit, taking it as capsules or pills is your best option.

Liquid format

You can also choose this format, which is easy to drink and doesn’t require preparation. It is advised to take it in the morning on an empty stomach and it serves as a dietary supplement; it is the most complete and recommended.


Another very simple option is to buy juice concentrate. The best thing about this option is that you can mix some of this juice with the one you drink every morning as usual. This way you will be giving your body all the benefits of this natural plant without even noticing it.


If you enjoy teas, this one is your version. Whether you buy the leaves and prepare it yourself; or you buy the ready-to-make tea, you will enjoy a cup of hot tea that is healthy and beneficial to your body and your daily wellbeing.

Ultimately, simply adding it -in any of its multiple formats- to our weekly shopping basket will be something of little cost but great benefits. We recommend taking 40 mg of dried extract from the ozonized graviola (Graviola Prozono). After all we won’t lose anything by trying to see how this beneficial fruit will help us improve our health. Will you try it?


[The medicine of the last century based all treatments and researches on remedies created in labs and totally disregarded natural remedies that are part of millenary traditions.

But arrogance is expensive. Time showed that many substances that were effective and wonderful, in the end had side effects as dangerous as the disease they were used to control.

By the end of last century, medicine recognized its arrogance and started to review more carefully the remedies that are part of several popular cultures.

Natural products have a great advantage, impossible to ignore: unlike lab created substances, they have little to non harmful side effects and many side effects beneficial to other parts of our body.

For this reason, consuming natural products such as the one at hand on this website began to be taken seriously. A tree with leaves and fruits that has been consumed in the tropical regions for centuries, to treat multiple diseases.

Modern medicine now recognizes its benefits and is studying it to integrate it into the present and future treatments, for diseases as severe as cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes.


The positive effects for the treatment of multiple diseases have already been demonstrated in the laboratory.

For the treatment and even the prevention of cancer:

It has already demonstrated its effectiveness in weaking cancer cells; including pancreatic cancer -one of the most resistant- and prostate cancer -one of the most common- without damaging healthy cells, as is the case with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

It has also proven to be very efficient, not only against formation of breast cancer, but in the growth of already formed tumors by limiting the overproduction of epithelial tissue.

In the control of diabetes

It demonstrated its ability to regenerate the beta cells of the pancreatic islets, which are responsible for producing insulin in our body..

Blood pressure

The same studies on the effect of soursop on cancer have shown its effectiveness in lowering blood pressure.

Antioxidant, like all fruits..

It contains important antioxidants such as vitamin C, which increases the life span of cells and decreases the risk of free radicals and formation of cancer cells.


here are several available forms: natural forms in their growing area and new products, made from it.

Tea: Simply by using the leaves to prepare tea, which can be consumed at any time of the day.

Fruit: The fruit has a lot of pulp, with a delicious flavor, full of citrus aromas but very sweet, like most tropical fruits.

Juice: It is prepared like any other fruit, with the advantage that many times you don’t need to add sweeteners, because of the sweetness of the fruit itself.

Sorbets or ice cream: Much like the juice, it does not need a special preparation and you can consume it whenever you feel like it.

Juice or concentrate: When you want to start your morning with energy or at any time of the day to regain it.

Capsules or pills: If you cannot find the natural product due to the season, you can always use this method which still has the 100% natural elements of the soursop although we always recommend the liquid extract.

Liquid extract: The most effective and intelligent way to take it; we make sure to have all its benefits permanently in each intake.


Ozonized Graviola Liquid Extract: Graviola Prozono is a wonderful combination to prevent and treat cancer, because it combines the cytotoxic features of both graviola and ozone..

Buying Graviola
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Buying Graviola
How to consume graviola in a fast and simple way ?. Let's review very briefly how to take your fruit and leaves
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