Graviola or chemotherapy?

Graviola y quimioterapiaThe content of Graviola acetogenins is 10,000 times more effective against cancer than chemotherapy.

This comment is very strong, isn’t it?, well this is the result shown by a study carried out in 2002 in Japan.

In this article we show you how to combine graviola in conventional and usual medical procedures.

Benefits of graviola in cancer therapies

The acetogenins of this fruit, also known as soursop, guanabana, guanaba, corossol…. , have demonstrated powers to fight cancer.

There are many studies carried out in universities and medical institutions around the world that prove it, they are tests normally done in mice but there are also tests done with human cancer cells and the results are fabulous and very promising.

Chemotherapy and Graviola. Are they opposites?

Chemotherapy is the standard procedure in most cancer therapies. In the process, toxic substances are released into the bloodstream in order to destroy the cancer cells.

It is said that anti-cancer drugs are less harmful to the body’s own cells than to cancer cells but they have terrible side effects.

Side effect chemotherapy

The side effects of chemotherapy, however, are serious. The immune system is completely destroyed in many patients. The organs are poisoned.

The consequences are hair loss, nausea, weakness, diarrhea and inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. The destruction of the immune system weakens the body’s defense against the formation of new cancer cells.

In addition, many patients die as a result of chemotherapy, not cancer.

Benefits of Graviola

The antioxidants, which we have talked about so much, that the soursop has not only directly attack cancer cells, but also support the phagocytes of the immune system in their fight against degenerated cancer cells, they strengthen the immune system.

The big difference with chemotherapy is that they attack only the cancer cells, the healthy cells are reinforced, it’s a real miracle.

Graviola as accompaniment therapy.

Many cancer patients seek natural remedies to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy. The soursop is the ideal plant for this function.

This medicinal plant strengthens the body, helps detoxify the liver and protects healthy cells of the body from the damage caused by chemotherapy.

But it does not only has this property, its effective fight against cancer cells makes the chemotherapy treatment much more effective and also strengthens our entire body.

The patients during the chemotherapy treatment have an extreme weakness, even having to abandon it in some cases due to its strong side effects.

Soursop gives the body the essential nutrients it needs to withstand the extreme stress of chemotherapy.

Graviola as a cancer therapy

Soursop can be used not only during chemotherapy, but also as adjunct therapy to many other procedures. Many people reject chemotherapy and choose a milder cancer therapy.

The most well-known cancer treatments of naturopathy are mistletoe therapy and treatment with medicinal mushrooms normally accompanied by meditation therapies such as reiki.

Soursop supports and improves the effect of other natural remedies.

But these naturopathy therapies, to what extent are they efficient or advisable?

On the conventional medical side it is stated that only chemotherapy or radiotherapy can help to overcome cancer. The naturopath doctors do not agree and believe that they can be treated with natural methods with much better results.

Ultimately, as a patient, you often face the difficult decision of which procedure to choose. Chemotherapies have good success rates and if we accompany it with extracts of graviola we multiply its effectiveness.

Chemotherapy or Graviola

Nobody is going to decide for you but the scientific evidence advises us to take both chemotherapy and graviola as our treatment; graviola is the ideal complement in cancer treatments.

How to take graviola

There are many ways to take it, fresh fruit (in Europe it is a bit difficult to get it), infusions, but the most recommended is the extract, this is presented in various formats, powder, capsules, pills… but the truly effective is the liquid extract, which must be accompanied by ozone.

The ozonated graviola is the most effective method to take it (Graviola Prozono)


The Graviola has a great anticancer power and it strengthens the body in this hard fight.

In combination with chemotherapy treatments, soursop helps to stop cancer and reduce the side effects of traditional medicine.

Graviola or chemotherapy?
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Graviola or chemotherapy?
In this article we show you how to combine the graviola in conventional and usual medical procedures such as chemotherapy
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